Silence/ Day 6

The NaPoWriMo website suggests that, for day six, we write a valedictory poem. Well, I suppose mine could be that, after a fashion. (And so far, the birds/flight obsession still holds! To be honest, though, I haven’t even tried to avoid it. I figured – if I’m going to keep this up for a whole month, come what may, then I might as well have fun and that means no restrictions.)


There was a space in our guts
Which needed filling; it made us
Restless and incorrigibly dependent
On sweet walks and fresh air, on
Journeys to silent museums, almost
Obscene in their dereliction, where
We would measure the halls, hand
In hand, step by dissonant step.
This lasted for years. Eventually,
Though, we got fed up with
The screeching doors and the white
Noise that stretched the silence
To monstrous proportions until it
Tore, resignedly, with a hiss. The
Self-guided tours of our disproportionate
Lacks were driving us crazy, so
Gradually we started looking for solid
Replacements until we ended up
Piecing together indifferent fairy
Tales that matched our visceral
Emptiness in unexpected ways.
When our stories clicked safely into
Place we took turns in slipping
Away from each other – at first
Timidly, like newly hatched
Sparrows, and later fiercely, like
Brazen hawks with iron hearts.
This went on for days. Until, at last,
I returned to us, but found only
The splinters of our neglected silence.

"'Ghost' Town" by Dick Rowan
“‘Ghost’ Town” by Dick Rowan

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