sepia photograph of a middle-aged woman with a turn-of-the century coiffe and pince-nez


Maria Cohut. Writer, researcher, and ghoul extraordinaire. Lover of all things weird and obscure, collector of discarded photographs, occasional dabbler in taxidermy, taphophile. She lives by the unpredictable seaside with a colony of snails, an intrusion of giant cockroaches, and her three typewriters: Matilda (a portable Underwood 315 from the 1970s), Olivia (a 1950s Lilliput children’s typewriter), and Prudence (a 1920s foldable Corona). Her heart sometimes flies back small Romanian town surrounded by hills, where many of her strange obsessions were born.

[Pictured, left: Favourite photograph from my private collection. You can read a little more about it here.]

picture of churchyard and boarding house in 1950s Slanic, Romania


Poetry, lots of poetry. Stuff about vintage photographs and postcards, graveyards, old books, museums and art galleries. Occasional reviews. Thoughts, reflections, musings about curious things. Maybe snails and other invertebrates. Definitely time-travel. Expect the unexpected.

[Pictured, right: The town that inspired my gothic dreams: Slănic (Prahova, Romania). Photograph probably from around 1950, from my private collection.]

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  1. I found this blog via Frank Zumbachs Site, going from Alice and the Uncanny to this site. When looking at Alice I was afraid that the author has already vanished, but this site enlightens me that she is still around. Thank god.

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