Of Old Filmings

I’ve stumbled upon a nifty little website via La Carmina’s blog. It is, actually, an online vid archive storing 20th century films and it’s quite fascinating to observe the old news filming styles. But it’s even more interesting when you find vids about your own country. Both instructive and entertaining, I should say. Some of them are absolutely fascinating:

† (1966) short clip about Romanian Ilie Stamate at the age of 138 (language: Romanian)
† (1966) Romanian fashion styles [partly filmed inside a plane cabin :D] (mute)
† (1928) [now] ex-king Mihai of Romania as a child, going to the circus for the first time xD (mute)
† (1969)“Women Only” restaurant in Cluj (language: Romanian)
† (1928) Queen Marie of Romania [formerly Princess Marie of Edinburgh] visiting the tomb of her husband, King Ferdinand (mute)
† (1965) [part of] a travelogue (language: English)
† (1966) Romanian woman speaking 12 languages (language: Romanian)

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