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Why, hello LiveJournal, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I guess tumblr is much handier for slackers such as I. Oh, the effortless posting of selected images/videos/music/quotations with little to no comments about them! But thanks to Ram @ people versus people I am now officially back and willing to bore whomsoever might be interested with random facts about my (undoubtedly) fascinating person. πŸ™‚ Oh yes, the infamous Ram lovingly tagged me to share with the world (or world-wide-web) twenty things I like. So here we go (random order):

1. Books: old books, new books, e-books (sometimes), you name it. Books are my life, and they’re probably going to be the death of me, too. I love to read them and I strive to write them. πŸ™‚
2. Elegant Gothic Lolita, Dolly Style, and all alternative clothing styles that have a dusty, ethereal feel to them. Anything to make me feel that I’m living inside a fairy tale world (macabre shades and all).
3. My laptop, mobile phone and iPod. The three wonders of technology I cannot live without, and which often prove successfully therapeutic. I like to take them everywhere I go, we’ve shared so many wonderful moments…
4. History magazines, especially National Geographic (yes, I am completely aware it does not solely deal with historical subjects) and Les Cahiers de Science et Vie. There was a time in my life when I was actually planning to read History at uni.
5. German Expressionist films and/or films inspired from/ reminiscent of German Expressionism. I feel they are uncannily fascinating, with their dark mood and often tragic characters.
6. Magic and alchemy. Possibly the most creative and inspiring crafts humankind has evered attempted to explore. πŸ™‚
7. Japanese pop culture, with its tempting mix of originality and kitsch, old Japanese and new Occidental elements.
8. Point and click adventure games. These are the sort of games that can keep me focused and entertained for hours, the perfect brainwash.
9. Blogging/ Microblogging: it’s stress relief and it helps me keep track of things I like, stuff I’ve stumbled upon etc.
10. Dolls: porcelain dolls, ball-jointed dolls and musical dolls, mostly. But I’m even more taken with real “doll art”, amazing pieces such as those created by Julien Martinez and Marina Bychkova.
11. Sitting down in a tea house and savouring some insane tea variety. I like to try out different flavours every time, each cup of tea reveals a whole new dimension.
12. A cup of strong Arabic coffe sweetened with brown sugar and ‘tempered’ with cold milk. Some say I’m a caffeine addict…
13. Staying in a book store for hours, just enjoying the smell of fresh ink and sifting through random books and magazines. Makes me forget there’s a world outside.
14. Clocks and watches. I like to wear my wristwatch, ring clock and clock pendant at the same time. xD I’m currently dreaming to buy a pair of clock earrings (working clock earrings, mind!).
15. Steampunk:
16. Pizza Ristorante: vegetale picante. I could eat it every day, three times a day. xD As the website says: Piquant jalapenos, sweet grilled peppers and juicy red onions combined with sizzling cheese make this pizza a veggie feast!
17. Museums. I see them as safekeepers of secrets that can no longer be revealed. With each item on display I get to wonder what was the real story behind it.
18. Photographs, old and new. Shards of human souls smeared on card and paper. I wish I was more skilled in photography myself. Sadly, I have a long way to go.
19. Plush toys. Those cuddly balls of fluff are absolutly irresistible. They occupy the other half of my house, the one that’s not taken over by books.
20. Vintage postcards. I have recently started collecting them, and I like the challenge of tracing their origins: who took the initial photo, who printed them, who sent them to whom and why.

Well, that’s me, I guess. Passing this on to anyone who’s interested. ^_^

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