“Have I Possibly Gone Daffy? What Is This?”

Okay, so I’m doing this now, before I get a chance to think better of it. I’ve joined NaPoWriMo for no good reason. I haven’t had an exceptional day, so I might’ve been thinking that writing a crap poem a day might keep my mind off things… So here I am then… On a marathon to write 30 poems on 30 days with already too much work on my back… But it’ll be good practice for me, nonetheless, I guess… At least, let’s hope it is. For today I’ve tried my hand at a ghazal of sorts. (I say “of sorts”, because, like always, I just had to break the rules somehow. Go figure.)

The Stranger
by Kalyiel

I don’t know, there’s a spell, maybe,
In the way the stranger forgets…

A heavy sigh in every step
Tells of how the stranger forgets…

Some talk of a curious sound,
Like bells, when the stranger forgets…

And there’s always a hint of sky
In the city, when he forgets…

There is howling and meowling, above,
On the hilltops, when he forgets…

And the moon and the sun go the wrong
Way round when the stranger forgets…

All the children go hide inside
On the day the stranger forgets…

Graveyard and church, they fade away
Each time that the stranger forgets…

And sometimes, just sometimes, I
Lose my way in the city the stranger forgets…

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