Day Thirteen: Imaginings

I wrote today’s poem on a train, and it was inspired by a greeting card (see below). The quotation in italics that I used within the poem is from “The Spy”, sung by The Doors.

False Memoirs from Prague
by Kalyiel

Crescent moon and alleyway knee-deep in darkness.
The sort of people you only meet when you’re exhausted.
“I know your deepest secret fear” in falsetto, from beyond the horizon.
On a train, somewhere, you were saying goodbye,
But not to me, not to anyone in particular.
Just you and your reflection in the compartment window,
On a train, beyond the horizon, beyond reach,
Beyond the crescent moon, the alleyway, the people, the exhaustion.
Well, those who were never born don’t belong with the living.
You told me that, once, when your hands
Touched the pavement for the first time.
Your hollow moan from then, my still forgiveness now –
They bridge the gap which used to be an ocean,
Between the Ghetto and the luminous place
Where trains go to sleep.

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