Nostalgia: Day 19

Nostalgia takes over today… So here I am, posting an early poem for once.

[illustration by Benjamin Laombe, via]

by Kalyiel

Today, I feel the glass spinning top of childhood
Piercing the membrane of my heart in its
Mindless revolution. Like a key, turning and turning
And I’m the doll, walking and walking whilst I’m
Slowly folding up inside, organs and bones and all
With precious little time to come up for air.
Pretty diamond-shaped signposts on the way
Tell me to go straight, to listen to my heart.
But sometimes it ticks much, much too loud
And it’s not really mine, anyway, with
The spinning top spinning away, drawing
Blood, peeping into the core. I am
A somnambulist, walking on strings of moonlight,
Swinging dangerously over the mute sky…

And as a treat for all those who have borne with me so far: a song that partly inspired today’s poem, I guess, though I haven’t listened to it in a while. It’s performed by a young, daring, and possibly much overlooked Austrian band: Lolita KompleX.

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