On Stuff that Breaks

The fifth poem for NaPoWriMo is dedicated to the thousand and one things that have been going wrong in my life.

Broken Things

Nothing to be done –
Some things, when they break,
Can’t be glued back together.
They shatter into an infinity
Of dust particles, winds carry
Them away, they get stuck
In the mud on the soles
Of children’s tiny shoes,
Old men and women choke
On them and blame their coughs
On half-open windows – that is
Only half-true – and some
Dissolve in puddles, staining
The reflection of passers-by.
Nothing to be done –
Sparrows don’t look twice
At a broken egg.
Complaints and excuses mean
Nothing now, nor do tears.
Amnesiacs can piece together
Impressions into memories,
But some things, when broken,
Stay as they are. Like faith.
Like the arm of an imaginary
Friend. Like courage. Like smiles.
Stop worrying, broken things
Don’t come back to haunt you.

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