Feasting on Memories

This comes a bit late, but at least I’ve managed to write it. Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was

In honor of Earth Day, today I’d like you to write a poem about a plant. Flowers, of course, have been the subject of poems since time immemorial, and continue to be a source of much inspiration. But perhaps you could write about a tree, or a shrub, or grass. Maybe even a fictional or mythological plant.

My choice of subject was the mythical lotus tree, whose fruit would bring about forgetfulness.

Lotus Tree

Hunger shaped us
into shadows
made for oblivion.
We gave a feast
that night,
our only guests
silence and
desperation. We
devoured our memories,
daring nothing but
a look at our
neighbour at
the table, now
and again.
Satiated, all
we were left with
was each other.

“World of Stone” by Iribel

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