Coming Full Circle

A bit late, but here it is, the very last poem for this year’s NaPoWriMo. It was fun while it lasted, so I decided to take on the last official prompt as a sort of homage to the project:

Today’s prompt asks you to write a poem incorporating at least three “I remember” statements. This invocation of memory seems a fitting way to end our month together.

So there you go.


It was pouring with words of wisdom
No one was paying attention to
Because it had become a routine,
Almost. I remember that our most
Shameful desires were looking for
Each other in the dark, dreading
Collision. Your hands were colder
Than mine for once, but my teeth
Had become sharper than yours.
I remember that people were
Looking at us, strangers with clever
Maps, but none of them offered
Their assistance. We were soaked
To the marrow in wisdom by now,
Still we kept using our umbrellas
As walking-sticks. I remember
That you tried to steal some
Granny’s semi-feral cat, but
It bit you hard and you almost
Fainted. I suppose it was a
Stratagem to gain my compassion.
It’s fine, though. I, too, pretended
To cry, when it was just wet
Words melting my kohl into
Unseemly, sticky streams. We
Kept walking for a while,
But where we got to in the
End, I can’t seem to remember.

“The Whalers” by Vincent Hui

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