Thirst/ Day 7

IMG_20130407_142250Here we are on day seven of NaPoWriMo – every time I realise a full week has actually gone by, I end up asking myself: where has it all gone to? what do I have to show for it? And I guess NaPoWriMo helps to make me feel slightly better about myself, because no matter how many other plans I’ve managed to mess up, I can still say: “but look, I’ve written all these poems!”

I imagine today’s poem read in a soft, dreamy voice, the kind that soothes you when you’ve woken up with a bad hangover. And since I always feel hung over when I’ve got lots of work to do and I’ve fallen behind schedule (again!), here you go:


Stumble through the tall grass
Dazzled by the light
Only just woke up
In this blinding openness

Thirsty, shrivelled up
From drunkenness
Mislaid merriment
Field of drowsy flowers
Parts to let me in

Looking for the stream
Hooked up on melancholy
Through this forest
Pricking my feet
In someone’s shed
Water seeps out
Fattens the ground.

Parting dust from dirt
To uncover the rain
Soothe my sour tongue.

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