Purple/ Day 28

Today’s prompt was to write a ‘colour poem’; I had lots of fun doing this last year too, playing with my favourite colour, blue. This tome round, I decided to fixate on purple – I looked up synonyms, derivatives, secondary meanings. The result was rather gruesome (as one might expect, knowing me), but still a lot of fun.


Stranded in purple straits,
Complacent about your fate,
You munched mulberries in amatory
Reverence, unpreoccupied by your
Heliotrope skin screaming ice-cold,
Warning weak heart and resigned
Lungs. Your livid arteries branching
Every which way greatly confused
The fish that kept nibbling
At them, dismayed and resolute.
You pulled your violaceous eyelids
Down, to avoid taking in the bleeding
Skyline, but alas, they were too thin
And you kept seeing the sun, swollen
With your own unacknowledged pain,
Empurpled by your affected pulse.
You sighed melodramatically, daring
The waters, the plum juice,
To engulf you; you slurped it avidly,
Relishing the raw sensation of purple.


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