Mental Collage

A detail snapshot of one of my collages, possibly the most appropriate illustration for today's poem.
A detail snapshot of one of my collages, possibly the most appropriate illustration for today’s poem.

So I started day three of NaPoWriMo with every intention of following the (non-compulsory) daily prompt, which was to write something in the vein of an incantation or a nursery rhyme, which I thought was a great idea. I had great fun writing something like this a couple of years ago. But I actually wasn’t in the mood for that today. Instead, something else came out, which I’m actually rather happy with (is it premature to say this? will I regret it in a few days’ time?). So… how should I put this… I’m quite a big fan of collages, and have been one for quite some time. Kanitta Meechubot’s stuff, for instance, is everything I find inspiring: weird, intricate, and heartbreaking. Her series Garden of Illuminating Existence, commemorating her grandparents, especially her grandmother, was published in the Granta Magazine issue 117 (Horror), and is possibly my favourite one. I love collages for their strange way of making sense even when they’re made out of stuff that’s not supposed to make sense when put together. Actually, making collages is one of my guilty pleasures. I have a big scrapbook that’s filled with collages, because I find cutting out seemingly random images and texts and then rearranging them in new patterns absolutely relaxing . (It’s also one of my top ten ways of “procrastinating”, but let’s not talk about that…) Anyway, today I was in a “put together a collage” mood, so I suppose that’s what my poem is, a kind of collage of scrambled half-memories (which is another thing I seem to have done before). I’d really like some feedback on this one, in fact, since it’s one of those poems which really must out, no matter what. Hope you enjoy reading it!

(DAY 3)

[Poem currently under submission.]

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