Some Haikus

Today has been what I think of as a typical spring day, wavering between cloudy and rainy, and sunny and pleasant. Felt like the perfect setting to write a haiku, so I wrote… several. Five, to be precise. They’re not connected by anything except the general theme –  spring – but it kind of makes sense for them to be presented as a continuous sequence. So here they are, my “spring haikus”!

(DAY 12)IMG_20140412_174023

Because it is spring
and I am wearing new clothes,
let us make-believe…


Little white flowers
blooming from your fingertips –
it has been a year.


Out in the playground
a spotted bird is screaming
at the lazy rain.


The memory of
a ringing phone still lingers
in this empty room.


I wish it was night
already, but the sluggish
day will not wake up.

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