Does this count as cheating?

I may or may not have cheated a bit with this poem. Thing is, I appear to be functioning after a certain time zone whilst living in another. Therefore, I’m not quite sure whether the poem qualifies as having been written very late on the 17th or extremely early on the 18th… Either way, this is my 18th NaPoWriMo try, and I’ve kept on writing…

(DAY 18)


I am afraid I may have lost these
on the way: the savoured anatomy
of your love letters, the confidence
of a fatalist child who knew
the whole forest was her path,
the spring when you told me
your secrets through flowers,
unfettered love, the ease
of greeting mornings on the street,
the spell that made me
immortal. I am afraid
I may have misplaced
my disregard of time.

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