Upping My Game for NaPoWriMo

Out of seemingly nowhere, NaPoWriMo is upon me. So be it then. I’ll admit that after of month of daily lyricism I feel my creative juices starting to run dry. But I refuse to be daunted by that! I shall tame that inspiration! For the whole of April, therefore, I shall up my game. Not only will I go on with the project “Poem on a Postcard” for yet another month, but I will aim to stick to the daily NaPoWriMo prompts too (well, more or less)! Be afraid, world, be very afraid!


Fitting Room Girl

and dove-voiced
she is not.
All the little secrets,
the sins she was
yet to commit –
she had not missed
a single one.
In the mirror,
she could unpick them
one by one:
dealer of mistrust,
owner of dissolution,
teacher of nihilism.
she had none.

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