Another Double Post

Hopefully, this will be the last time when I have to make up for one “skipped” day in the NaPoWriMo scheme.

For yesterday’s poem in Sapphics, a sequence inspired by this rather uncanny 1951 New Yorker cover:

wpid-wp-1428876560121.jpeg wpid-wp-1428876564189.jpeg

Stage Fright

With a jump, the monster was there, beside her:
in their seats, the viewers were dancing shadows,
her ballet transformed into danse macabre
in less than a second.

Lips upturned, the curtains fell down in silence –
all the songs had changed into gruesome dirges –
turned away, the hands had no more applauses
to counter the stage fright.

And now, for today’s prompt to describe a favourite thing, I decided upon a favourite scene from a favourite movie: the dance scene in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. (Yes, somehow both poems ended up withe dance as their main theme.)

wpid-wp-1428876567332.jpeg wpid-wp-1428876571127.jpeg

Brigitte Helm as Maschinenmensch

Her hips twist
on an impossible orbit
cutting the air like blades
grating the edge off time.
Every man’s shoulder
is a throne
for her heel
and when she puts
her foot down
she is unapologetic
she means
to leap and bite.
Neck thrust forward
she is a bird
crowned with the bones
of her ancestors.
Thin, flat
and sharp
she pulls down the divide.

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