Early 20th-century Photo-Postcards

Cropped photo-postcard (looks like it was once glued into an album and was removed with some difficulty). I can’t identify the car model (help would be much appreciated here), but it is a convertible, so I get the feeling it must have been rather expensive. I can also read ‘CABLE * 820 * 120’ written on the front tyre if I zoom in; I assume that’s to do with the size/type of tyres. I love how two of the women are wearing goggles/ headgear, and the whole group’s ‘I’m-trying-really-hard-to-be-chic’ get-up gives off a mafia vibe, but maybe I’m just being romantic. 🙂


I think this is the same lady as the second woman in the photo above. I admit, I bought this because she looks very funny, posing mightily with a book she doesn’t appear to have any interest in. The large crucifix necklace makes me think of a not-particularly-virtuous matron who likes to invest more in expensive, obnoxious symbols of faith than in acts of charity.

Found these two lovely photo-postcards at a flea market in Italy. Judging from the clothing style and  the automobile, I’d date them to the early 20th century, possibly the 1920s, but please do correct me if I’m wrong. They were displayed together with other photo-postcards in which various people from the group photo also appeared, so they must have once been part of someone’s family collection. I only bought these two, as they were the most striking.

4 Replies to “Early 20th-century Photo-Postcards”

  1. I love that top photo! I had a look online to see if I could find the car, but can only find similarities. I think it’s definitely 1920s, mostly likely early part of the decade. It looks like a touring car or a small (very small) charabanc in design. What gets me is that the front wheels don’t have any guards (Fenders, I think they’re called). It’s a 6 seater, by the look of it, with a hood (or whatever it’s called – covering for the top) hidden at the back (you can just about make out the mechanism for it by the woman’s hand (the woman at the back). It looks very dusty and from the women’s goggles/visors, I’d say they’ve been in a very dry region, probably on a dirt road.

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