NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo 2019: Day 6

Today’s prompt was to write a poem of possibilities, and, feeling rather whimsical tonight, I decided to do  one about –

Fortune Teller (1880) by Albert Anker

A Tarot Reading

Temperance – holding the scales,
she tells of balance yet to be achieved,
because the Queen of Swords
now holds the stage, eyes shooting daggers.
The Sun is out of her reach,
shadowed by the Devil,
whom she tries to run over in her Chariot
in vain. But wait! From the ruins
of a collapsing Tower, a Page of Cups
emerges, bearing Strength as a gift.
Now The Lovers, reunited, summon Death
to carry out The Judgement, and free their path.
Oh, how The Wheel turns! The Moon
has all but lost its power, and The Star
is about to rise, and face the Hierophant.
Still, all will be well, just as long
as the Empress pays no attention to the Fool.

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