NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo 2019: Day 10

Where I come from, people would use the expression (literally translated as) “sun with teeth” to refer to sunny, yet freezing cold weather, such as one might experience in winter. Today’s poem speaks of one such day, following the prompt for day 10 of NaPoWriMo.

The Road, Winter Morning exhibited 1923 by Sir George Clausen 1852-1944
The Road, Winter Morning (1923) by George Clausen

Toothed Sun

The sun is baring his teeth today,
my grandmother used to say,
scrutinising the sky from behind the shield
of her bedroom’s tempered glass window.
She would then prescribe
a preventive therapy of hats and gloves,
all hand-me-downs from times immemorial.
Thus armed, I would face the early winter
morning, anonymous among other children
safely hidden beneath layers of wool.
From behind the shield of her window,
my grandmother would see me off,
picturing my feet, poorly-clad,
in the snow
yet to come.

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