A Rather Late Entry

Tanka and Haiku Sequence The street lamp was our only star, its splattered light the sole barrier between our frissons and that heavy night of back alleys. * Down where the subway should have been, silence trickled on unseen rail tracks.

A Butterfly Postcard

Butterfly Haiku Moving the whole sky with their uncharted hungers: first spring butterflies. * Stained glass come alive turns fields into cathedrals, chasing rain away. * Where my thoughts begin I know not. A butterfly kingdom has risen. And tomorrow, for NaPoWriMo!

Sedate Postcard

Siesta The tiredness of the armchair, the aches of the catatonic lamp, the dominion of the window, defamiliarising the sky, the magazines and papers, weeks old, unread, spread, in a faint, onto the table. Flowers with crooked elbows, too bored to even die. The discreet agony of sunny afternoons, when sleep is the opiate, and …

A Strange Postcard

Birthday Letters from the Sea To the waves he spoke little. He preferred listening to them, to their incessant conversations, sometimes soothing, as though old friends were recounting parables from the lives of the saints; other times querulous, like lovers cheated out of their hearts. In his house, he softened his footsteps, not to perturb …