Of New Beginnings…

After complaining about LiveJournal’s incompetency for about half a year,  I’ve finally decided to switch to a more – hopefully – professional blogging website. I was getting too tired of all the spam comments, the compulsory flashing ads and, most of all, the all-powerful ddos attacks under which it regularly succumbed. I have successfully managed to move all of my blog posts from there to here, although there are still some slight changes that remain to be done (such as saving all the relevant pictures onto the WordPress server, or updating my blog URL on tons of different websites). It’s quite sad, as I’d been on LJ for some good years now, but there you go. There’s nothing like a healthily functioning server, after all.

Well, I suppose I should just let the dead lie now… More importantly, today has been a good flea market day. I’ve managed to rescue as many as 14 abandoned memories from the local market and I would like, as always, to share them with the whole wide world. This time round I’ve scanned rather than rephotographed them, so, hopefully, they should be of a slightly increased quality.

Please, consider this a preview of sorts, as I intend to comment on at least some of the pictures in the near future. There will be an extended photo-postcards post. But I am currently quite tired (as well as, oddly enough, fidgety), so you’ll just have to make do with this hurried update for the moment.

As a side note, if we were to take today, the 2nd of December, as the new and improved birthday of  Encyclopaedia Vanitatum, then my beloved blog would be, after the equivocal Western tradition, a Saggitarius, ” idealistic in vision but tactless in expression”, according to the Mother Goddess Wikipedia. Sounds quite true to me! Happy New Birthday, Encyclopaedia Vanitatum! 🙂

Oh, and also:Follow my blog with Bloglovin 🙂

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