A Not-So-Well-Rounded Roundel

Well now, here we are on day ten of the NaPoWriMo challenge. Today, I decided to challenge myself to write a roundel, which turned out to be a much more difficult task than I would’ve thought. Coming up with precisely eleven lines of poetry written in that form took me more than an hour. And even so, the end result could do with much polishing. Any and all suggestions welcome!


You cracked a smile onto the frozen glass
And brought illusion as a staple tribute;
It was enough for me to let you pass,
Mundane and absolute.

Aglow with confidence, you’d distribute
Specks of disaster at a comely mass
Where every soul a sin would contribute.

When, long ago, we mingled with the grass,
Grits, grunts and incongruities fell mute;
I wonder that I ever thought it’d last –
Mundane and absolute.

“Cicero” by a-hour@deviantart

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