The In-Tension of Spring

Lo and behold, the last of the first week of NaPoWriMo is upon us! Today’s prompt was, and I’m sure you will agree with me, absolutely brilliant:

Go outside. That’s about it. Take a walk, on this lovely Sunday. Or a drive. (Or if it’s not lovely where you are at all, maybe just remember your last good walk or drive). Take along a notebook if you can. Take notes. Maybe take a picture or two. And then sit down in a park or in your yard or on the corner, and write.

So I went and – under the influence of everything that spring has ever meant to me – tried my hand at an adaptation of a traditional Korean poetry form, the sijo. For what it’s worth, here we go:


The magnolias are luring lovers into oblivion
But we’re standing here quietly, heeding miracles no longer.
Will you remember where home is, under dead branches, in winter?

“Magnolia and Moth – Three Blossoms” by Judith K. McMillan

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